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  • Thank you all who gave

    Thank you all who gave

    In regards to the previous post, we want to thank all who gave so generously towards one of our ladies' funeral costs for her son. Through your giving, all costs were covered.

    And that goes to show God works in mighty ways! We made an incredible request of you, the community, for our grieving guest and you listened to the urging the Spirit placed on your hearts, by giving above and beyond. The Mission is able to say, through individuals like yourselves, the need was met. Thank you for being the hands and feet of Jesus and praise God!

  • Dealing with Tragedy

    We are sad to report that on 1/1/15 one of our ladies received a call from the Yavapai County Sheriff Department reporting that her son was found dead. Her son was only 23 years old. The cause of death is still under investigation.

    We are trying to make arrangements for her son's cremation since neither our guest or her family have the ability to pay for the cremation. We arebeing as cost efficient as possible but as anyone who has been down this path knows there are significant costs involved in these matters.

    We are asking for assistance for our lady and her family at this time to help offset the cost of final arrangements.
    The cost involved are approximately $1700.

    As we all know there is nothing we can say to the family at this time to ease their pain but we, as the hands and feet of the Father who knows her pain, can show her and the family that we love and care for them in their time of need.

    Please pray and ask how GOD would have you minister to this family.

  • One year in the books!

    One year in the books!

    Thank you all for attending the 1st birthday of the mission. For everyone that has been a part of the mission in one way or another, thank you for all you have done. It seems almost as if yesterday we were cutting the ribbon to celebrate the birth of YTGRM and one year later we are celebrating an amazing, humbling first year.

    There have been challenges, obstacles, hang-ups, but there have been so many victories, celebrations, and His blessings. God has certainly been moving in mighty ways at the mission and we are so grateful for what God has done. Even more we look forward to what God is doing in the future. We hope you will consider being a part of the next year at the mission!

  • Let There be Bread

    Let There be Bread

    YTGRM was contacted by a local business man who runs the warehouse for all the Orowheat, Entemanns, Sara Lee and a few other brands of bread products in the county. He asked if the Mission would be interested in being the recipients of all the product that is removed from the shelves at the stores before they are expired. Seeing this as a blessing, the Mission jumped at the chance.  There was soooo much bread that Dave was at the warehouse every day the first week. God saw his heart and removed the burden and now the Mission receives only one day's returns. God has opened doors through this endeavor by introducing the Mission to new churches and organizations, by meeting a need. In return, the Mission is now receiving other foods to benefit the Mission and the community. God is so amazing!

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