• Calling all volunteers!

    The volunteer application form is now avaiable online, right here. You can also find it on the help the mission page. We would love to consider being a part of the mission's day-to-day activities, so pray about it and let us know: 

  • A Year in Prescott

    It has been roughly a year since Dave and Yvonne moved up to Prescott and the YTGRM became less of a dream and more of a possibility.

    God has brought together a great work in this city and continues to bless those whose needs are met through him and through his people. It is not easy to be a part of this movement, but it is beautiful. And it is all God.

    He is provides our energy, our health, our rest, and our strength. He encourages, uplifts, and makes us laugh. We are looking with anticipation and a little apprehension towards the next year. Anticipation because of what God has done so quickly. And apprehension because we know the ride has just started. God is in control and we are not.

    Continue to pray for us as tools of His great work, that we would continue to be useable in the master's hand. Pray that we would continue to seek God's leading, that He would continue to supply all of our needs in all aspects of our lives.
  • Blessings all around

    We are happy to announce that the Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission is now a 501(c)(3) approved organization. God has blessed the efforts of so many on this incredible journey and this is just one part of the picture, but a big barrier is now down. Anyone can make tax-deductible donations to the mission directly.

    We also wanted to share an image of the very first Thanksgiving at the mission. Wonderful food prepared and served by some wonderful people. The ladies were very appreciative and felt cared-for. God has blessed the mission well in this season to care for some amazing women. There is much to be thankful for, especially our guests and volunteers.

  • Precious One

    PRECIOUS ONE (from Yvonne):

    I wanted to tell you a short little story I heard this week at the Mission. Shirley gave me permission to share. During our first chapel, Dave shared the passage of Psalm 139 about how the Creator made us so special and that each one of us is precious to Him. Shirley just broke down in tears.

    The next morning she shared with us that she had seen a little girl and she said that she was precious. Shirley then shared she heard in her head the words, "You are precious." Through tears Shirley shared that she knew God was telling her that. 

    Love how God moves in hearts.

    And from Dave:

    Maybe it's the "grampa" in me but the mission seems much more alive now with all the kids. Pulled into the parking lot behind the mission and found our 4 "big" kids out back running around, sporting the "new" jackets they got from the mission (your donations).

    During the board meeting one of our kids came into tell us his R/C car was running faster and jumping up our ramp because now he has batteries. After the board meeting I walked into the common room to see 3 of our kids playing on the donated Wii. The laughter fills the house with life. The kids have changed the atmosphere of this place. We got another mom and a little girl late to night, so now we have 6 kids. GOD'S house is a busy place filled with laughter and life.

    The mission continues to grow. There are 15 people under the roof of the Mission now; six of which are children. We are in need of size 14 husky pants and some large size boxers for one of our boys.

    As the mission still waits on its 501(c)3 non-profit status, it is still under the Tucson Gospel Rescue Mission's (TGRM) umbrella. The TGRM has blessed Prescott greatly by providing this and supporting Dave and Yvonne financially, but the YTGRM needs to be supported by its community, so we ask you to consider giving to the mission to keep the lights on and allow Dave, Yvonne, and others to carry out this calling.

    Thank you to all those who have already joined in supporting the mission and praise Jesus for all he has done.
  • Loving Your Neighbor

    The dust has settled, the mission is open. God is good. The Women's Shelter is open and operating, but just barely. It required a monumental effort, directed by God, to get from a dream to having a building ready to accept women and children. To keep the mission up and running requires just the same obedient service.

    The mission and the guests staying need supervision, donations are required, and prayers are essential to the continued operation of the mission. As you read this, we hope you consider following God in service to his people at the Women's Shelter. Since opening the doors, we have already seen the glory of God working in women and children's lives and it has not been a week since.

    If you think you would like to join in giving of your time, consider visiting our Saturday 11/9 or Thursday 11/14 Volunteer Orientation.

    If you would like to financially support the mission, learn how here.

    If you would like to donate physical goods, let us know what you have.

    If you feel called to pray for us, pray that God would be working in the lives of the women and children staying at the mission, the people serving at the mission, for the finances to be provided to keep the operation running, and that God be glorified in all ways through the mission. Tell us about this if you would like.

  • House Warming!

    Thank you all that came out to celebrate the Yavapai Territorial Gospel Rescue Mission Women's Center grand opening at our official House Warming event. We had many people that have been helping and praying for the mission, as well as support from other organization, and representatives from the community.

    We want to also thank all who were a part of the process as we went from following God into this endeavor into opening our doors and accepting our very first guest on November 2nd. God has done tremendous things through all of you and we are grateful for each and every one of you.

    Now that we are open, much has to be done and we need your help to make use of the beautiful building we have. We need people to step up to volunteer at the mission, we need donations to keep the lights on, and we need your prayers for all of it. God's vision to reedem the lives of both the guests staying in the rooms and the volunteers is just beginning and we would love to see you be a part of it.

  • Video Update

    Thank you everyone who has been with us so far in this journey and welcome to those of just joining. We are so excited about what God is doing and we are mere weeks away from starting the ministry in full-effect. If you are interested in helping, contact us.

  • Praise God!

    God is in the midst, making his glory known throughout the earth. We thank Him who is the author of salvation for bring the mission to Prescott. Amidst many challenges and setbacks, God has provided for his people and very soon we will see women and children walking through the doors. Praise God!

  • It's the Little Things...

    Many of you have been asking for a list of what we need for the mission. Here are some of the little things that will make a big difference for the first women and children that will visit us.

    Food: non-perishables, things that can be microwaved, cold cereals, milk(closer to opening date), single oatmeals, bread, lunch meats, peanut butter, jellies, juices, crackers, coffee and filters,sugar, creamer, mayo, mustard, cheese,etc.

    Clothing: All sizes, all kinds, lots of socks, shoes, underwear, diapers, jackets, hats, gloves, backpacks

    Personal: hygiene kits, combs/brushes, lotion, lots of toothbrushes, feminine products, shampoos, conditioners, chapstick, wipes, hair ties, soap, hand sanitizer


    Bedding: sheets, blankets, pillows, mattress covers, pillow cases, children's blankets

    Household Items: paper products (plates, napkins, towels, bowls, cups, TOILET PAPER, kleenex), plastic ware, trash bags, trash bags, cleaners, mop, broom, trash cans, sandwich baggies, large ziplocs, coffee maker, first aid kits, gloves, laundry detergent

    Office: legal pads, copy paper, pens, notebooks, file folders, envelopes, breathalizer, sheet protectors, highlighters, stapler, staples

    Other: Toys, Games, DVDs, Books

    As the rooms come together there will be various other needs, so if you may think of something that you would like to donate, please let us know.

    Give us a call at 928-848-8623 or send us an email.

  • God Provides Again Through His People

    GOD has done it again, He is providinng for HIS mission in Prescott. As you know we needed $20,000 to pay off the building we are buying for the women's and children's center. We just got an e-mail saying that a donor in PRESCOTT donated $20,000 to the mission. GOD is GOOD, all the time and his people living faithfully are providing a way to care for those in need. Amen.

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