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  • One year in the books!

    One year in the books!

    Thank you all for attending the 1st birthday of the mission. For everyone that has been a part of the mission in one way or another, thank you for all you have done. It seems almost as if yesterday we were cutting the ribbon to celebrate the birth of YTGRM and one year later we are celebrating an amazing, humbling first year.

    There have been challenges, obstacles, hang-ups, but there have been so many victories, celebrations, and His blessings. God has certainly been moving in mighty ways at the mission and we are so grateful for what God has done. Even more we look forward to what God is doing in the future. We hope you will consider being a part of the next year at the mission!

  • Let There be Bread

    Let There be Bread

    YTGRM was contacted by a local business man who runs the warehouse for all the Orowheat, Entemanns, Sara Lee and a few other brands of bread products in the county. He asked if the Mission would be interested in being the recipients of all the product that is removed from the shelves at the stores before they are expired. Seeing this as a blessing, the Mission jumped at the chance.  There was soooo much bread that Dave was at the warehouse every day the first week. God saw his heart and removed the burden and now the Mission receives only one day's returns. God has opened doors through this endeavor by introducing the Mission to new churches and organizations, by meeting a need. In return, the Mission is now receiving other foods to benefit the Mission and the community. God is so amazing!

  • Success Story

    Look what God is doing!

    Needing to share with you a story.

    Five months ago, a young mom and her sweet baby daughter came to the Mission in need of shelter. Mom did everything she needed to do; look for work, apply for benefits, learning what moms do, pay bills and look for housing, all the while keeping God in the midst of it all. Yesterday, we moved that mommy and little girl to their own apartment. She had nothing to fill that apartment, but by word of mouth, people stepped up and blessed her so amazingly. She received appliances, a brand new bed, a crib, linens, furniture and many other wonderful gifts. I have posted a personal note on here from her:

    "I first want to thank the LORD, so thank you Lord for being my provider. Next I'm just so amazed and blown away at all of your hearts and can't believe (is this really happening, Lol) all the blessings that surfaced through all of your care, thoughts, time, generosity.. what you all have done, especially Dave and Yvonne, for my little girl and I is something that I'll never be able to express enough gratitude, or thanks for...What you ALL have done is beyond amazing!! The LORD put a roof over my daughter's head mine,and to have a "hand up" not a "hand out" without any judgement and the LOVE OF CHRIST in your hearts to see a family succeed, to end the striving in our lives with love in your heart... (I'm crying as I write this) because I am not worthy, or deserving but because of Jesus and his grace, he says I am worth it.. if any of you have ever known being homeless and the despair that goes along with it,than you know how grateful I am, but I can't express my gratitude due to you. Just know that with the right heart posture you have stored up treasure in heaven and I am blessed without measure. What a mighty and loving KING we serve. From Karma "Ruth" and Selah we THANK YOU AND BLESS YOU! IN JESUS NAME:) (I'm not best writer so please overlook any errors, thx;)"

  • Barbara's Prayers

    One of our volunteer staff, Barbara Beck, is excited to see how God is moving in her life as she will be heading to Wales for 10 days to visit Ffald-y-Brenin, a house of prayer.  Barbara plans to return to the Prescott area and fulfill God's plan by starting a house of prayer and blessing.  Love how God is working!

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