• Barbara's Prayers

    One of our volunteer staff, Barbara Beck, is excited to see how God is moving in her life as she will be heading to Wales for 10 days to visit Ffald-y-Brenin, a house of prayer.  Barbara plans to return to the Prescott area and fulfill God's plan by starting a house of prayer and blessing.  Love how God is working!

  • Praise the Lord!

    Yesterday during chapel one of our ladies gave her life to Jesus. IS THAT THE COOLEST, MOST WONDERFUL THING EVER?!?!?! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

    Additionally, one of our moms who has been here since February got word today that her application for the apartment was ACCEPTED!!! So many things have come together for this mommy. We are so proud of her and love how God is showering her with HIS blessings. Please continue to pray for both of these wonderful women.

  • Video Update in the Works

    It's already been a busy week and it's only Wednesday. Our two new ladies have settled in and are making progress on their plans. A video camera and it's operator has been buzzing around getting stories and daily views of what goes on at the Mission......so stay tuned for the finished product! Dave and a long time friend have been working in the heat to stabilize the ramp; it's looking wonderful!

  • A round of thank-you's

    A round of thank-you's

    It's been an incredible week! Check out the progress pictures on the photo page, look at the wonderful work done at the mission putting in a new deck! Thank you to Camp YavaPines for loving on the Mission and giving us a new deck, it is a BIG improvement and much safer for the ladies. Thank you Steve Childers for helping get the ramp completed. Oh, and I don't want to forget all those who pour love on us every day in the way of meals. Behind the scenes, we want to thank Erin....you know who you are....for helping us start getting donations out of the lofts. Glad we were able to help you with your class in the process. Thank you to Prescott Valley Community Church for the tremendous amount of donations you blessed us with. Thank you!! Isn't God Awesome?!?!?!?

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