Being an ambassador is a way to give back to the mission through thoughtful advocacy. You may not know it, but you have people in your life that want to be a part of the mission in some way, but they just don't know it exists. What we are asking you to do is to be proactive in spreading the word and helping us connect with the people that want to get to know us. It is that simple!

What being an ambassador looks like can vary, but usually consists of:

  • Being involved in the mission some way (time, money, gifting, etc)
  • Sharing occasional key posts from the mission's social media pages
  • Talking with people about the mission
  • Taking a monthly call from a mission representative to talk about what you've heard

Benefits of being an ambassador:

  • Expand God's kingdom
  • Being a part of the mission's mission: offering hope, help, and healing
  • Stay connected with the latest at the mission
  • Join occasional meet ups for Ambassadors

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